28 de jan de 2013

Convocation of the Brazilian

  In last Tuesday, 01.22.2013, coach Luiz Felipe Scolari announced the list for the friendly match against England on Feb. 6. It was his first call since reassumed command of the team, Despite claiming that age group not weighed, the group announced for friendly against England is older than the last list Mano Menzes (last coach of Brazil).
  Giving way to the World Cup Project Luiz Felipe Scolari, the current coach of the Brazilian Football, again said - "We will not tell people that we just compete and participate. If so, we should not even have asked the Cup. We will host the Copa with a single purpose: to be champions"- Luiz Felipe Scolari.

Diego Alves (Valencia)
Birth: 24/06/1985
Height: 1.88 m Weight: 83kg

Julio Cesar (QPR)
Birth: 03/09/1979
Height: 1.86 m Weight: 79kg

Daniel Alves (Barcelona)
Position: Right-Side
Birth: 06/05/1983
Height: 1.73 m Weight: 64kg

Adriano (Barcelona)
Position: Left-Side
Birth: 26/10/1984
Height: 1.72 m Weight: 67kg

Filipe Luis (Atlético de Madrid)
Position: Left-Side
Birth: 09/08/1985
Height: 1.82 m Weight: 70kg

David Luiz (Chelsea)
Position: Defender
Birth: 22/04/1987
Height: 1.88 m Weight: 84kg

Dante (Bayern Munich)
Position: Defender
Birth: 18/10/1983
Height: 1.88 m Weight: 85kg

Miranda (Atlético de Madrid)
Position: Defender
Birth: 07/09/1984
Height: 1.85 m Weight: 78kg

Leandro Castán (Rome)
Position: Defender
Birth: 05/11/1986
Height: 1.84 m Weight: 77kg

Arouca (Santos)
Position: Midfield
Birth: 11/08/1986
Height: 1.71 m Weight: 74kg

Paulinho (Corinthians)
Position: Midfield
Birth: 25/07/1988
Height: 1.81 m Weight: 77kg

Ramires (Chelsea)
Position: Midfield
Birth: 24/03/1987
Height: 1.80 m Weight: 73kg

Hernanes (Lazio)
Position: Midfield
Birth: 29/05/1985
Height: 1.80 m Weight: 76kg

Lucas (Paris Saint Germain)
Position: Midfielder
Birth: 13/08/1992
Height: 1.72 m Weight: 70kg

Ronaldinho (Atlético-MG)
Position: Midfield
Birth: 21/03/1980
Height: 1.82 m Weight: 80kg

Oscar (Chelsea)
Position: Midfielder
Birth: 09/09/1991
Height: 1.79 m Weight: 66kg

Hulk (Zenit)
Position: Striker
Birth: 25/07/1986
Height: 1.80 m Weight: 75kg

Neymar (Santos)
Position: Striker
Birth: 05/02/1992
Height: 1.73 m Weight: 63kg

Luis Fabiano (Brazil)
Position: Striker
Birth: 08/11/1980
Height: 1.83 m Weight: 81kg

Fred (Fluminense)
Position: Striker
Birth: 03/10/1983
Height: 1.85 m Weight: 84kg

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